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Asociación Madrileña
Audiovisual (A.M.A.)

The Madrid Audiovisual Association (AMA) was created in 2007 against the need to unite a group of production companies that actively work for the improvement of the audiovisual sector in the autonomous community of Madrid. There are currently around 40 associated companies whose activity represents approximately 65% of the audiovisual production in our community and around 40% at a national level.

Since its creation, the AMA has collaborated continuously with this aim in mind, working with different bodies and institutions such as the Community of Madrid and Madrid City Council and signed collaboration agreements with entities like Publimedia and Aval Madrid.

The AMA belongs to and, furthermore, is represented in the Consejo de Cultura of the Community of Madrid and the Cluster de Turismo de la Comunidad de Madrid.


Board of Directors

PresidentMario Madueño (Pantalla Partida)

Chairperson 1 Puy Oria (Oria Films)

Chairperson 2

Denis Pedregosa (Babieka Films)


Chairperson 3Andrea Gautier (Smiz & Pixel)

Chairperson 4

Roberto Butragueño (Elamedia)


Chairperson 5Pedro Hernández (Aquí y Allí)


AMA Team

AMA also includes Alberto Fernández as General secretary, Angel Ballestero as Manager, Nazaret García Crespo and Diana Bueno (AMA International).